"I'm Asleep."

“I’m asleep.”

That’s what Wilson whispered to me from the top of the stairs after I heard his door open.

He was not asleep.

Eight minutes later, four fire trucks cruised past our house. So Wilson and I met again, this time to discuss unintelligibly whispered fire truck facts.

These were only two moments in a much longer push-and-pull towards the finish line known as “You’re asleep.”

As the final judge of sleep status, I’m *fairly* certain he’s out—Eve has long been snoozing—so here we are. Welcome to Nap Thoughts.

Earlier this week, someone very close to me told me I should write more. Whether this comment was good for the world remains up for debate; but for you, the people who raised your hands, oh, eight months ago — Congrats! I have been reminded of my aspirations and won’t be missing this opportunity.

Like I said eons ago, my only guarantee is that this will be (a) from me and (b) about anything. To that I should add a general qualifier that (c) it’s likely been drafted while our children are asleep.

Maybe your family has a group text. Mine does. Parents, siblings, spouses, and a fiancé. It’s where much is discussed and much is not and where a seemingly innocuous *!* can hold multiple meanings.

My mom sent out a message last night that it was the twentieth (!!?) anniversary of the day they dropped me off for high school—a story for another time, likely involving gin. I have no idea how she knows the exact date, as it predates all social media, though not the invention of time. Maybe she was flipping through albums.

Regardless, last night also happened to be the open house for Wilson’s Pre-K. (I have to pursue this aside for a second—He has been asking for days if tomorrow is THE DAY and now it IS so we are PUMPED. His enthusiasm and curiosity about this change is magical.) I’m not so much stunned by the coinciding dates—clearly, it’s the start of school. But it’s something to step back and think on how two decades has brought so much change in my life. All our lives. Events, lessons, people, places—and so many connections within and among them.

I hope for more of that. Nostalgia and anticipation.

Not to be abrupt, but Anna is done with work. This means it’s time for a few precious moments of quality time, so I’ll leave it there.

This letter is me, saying hello, almost certainly while the kids are asleep. I hope you enjoy it.